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This year’s Vivatech’s highlights

RAISE Ventures

Vivatech is one of the major events in the tech industry. Each year, the world’s greatest companies gather to host this unique event, that any startup would be honored to take part in. From entrepreneurs to investors and even students, nearly a hundred thousand visitors attend yearly, including notorious personalities, like for instance the French President Emannuel Macron himself.

Hosted in the Parc des Expositions, near Paris, the event is spread on a surface of about two thousand square meters, where one can easily get lost. As a matter of fact, nearly two and a half thousand startups are packed in this dense galerie; which makes it almost impossible to find which one you’re looking for. Considering that, we have paced up and down each alley so you don’t have to. Here are the five highlights of this year’s

Vivatech edition, in Fashion, Sports, Robotics, Climate Tech and Social Progress.

When AI meets Fashion: Measmerize offers the ultimate sizing solution

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing online, only to have to return it because it doesn’t fit you? It’s a total waste of time, money and it doubles CO2 emissions, which is everything except durable.

Fortunately, Measmerize founder Fillipo Calenti has solved this issue for us. By using Machine Learning and AI, it provides shoppers with their actual size in less than 30 seconds. The process is simple: users fill in their measurements, and, by considering the sizing of the product (whether it’s oversize or, on the contrary, tighter), the software generates the recommended size. The extra advantage? It saves your information for your next order, so you don’t have to refill it!

Measmerize is already used by many notorious brands, like Moncler and Stone Island, and it’s only a matter of time before it spreads across the fashion industry. Their goal is to revolutionize online shopping so that fit is no longer an issue for consumers, brands, and the planet. Considering the scalability of this product, its simple use and the numerous problems it resolves, we can only expect that it will flourish in the next few years.

Regarding Sports, Ochy uses AI technology to offer the utmost body running form analysis

Many people work out and exercise regularly, but sometimes without knowing where efforts need to be focused. Co-Founders Khaldon Evans and Perrine Chapot have elaborated the ultimate app: by recording a video on your smartphone, with AI technology and biomechanics algorithms, Ochy analyzes your full body and highlights the things you’re doing good or bad. Their mission is to help people optimize their technique by providing them with lab-based analysis and ultra-personalized recommendations.

The app provides a personalized exercise plan that will allow you to improve certain specific points, which makes exercising more accessible and practical to everyone, by acting as a personal trainer. It can also be used by athletic coaches and medical professionals as a tool to help them and their athlete / patient throughout their training or rehabilitation journey.

Already available on iOS and Google Play, Ochy appears to have a strong development potential, for its simplicity of use and the major audience it appeals to.

Robotics at its finest: Twinswheel present their autonomous delivery robot

The star robotic products of this year’s Vivatech edition are definitely autonomous delivery robots. Indeed, numerous startups have produced such robots, like Ottonomy, Neubility, and even the notable french supermarket network Carrefour.

We have found that one stands out from the rest; Twinswheel, hosted by Bouigues. Their distinctive features? They have developed a wide range of robots of different functions, whether it be delivering packages to households, seconding disabled and elderly people, or automating factory logistics.

All their products revolve around three modes of functioning: collaborative mode, where the robot is paired with its master and follows him like a dog would, autonomous mode, in which the robot works completely alone, navigating through GPS and AI; and finally remote control mode, where it is driven by a human.

This project seems very promising, as it is environmentally friendly (given that the robots are powered by batteries), and could facilitate the lives of many. However, it remains something that will require cities’ authorization in order to be put in place, which will demand time.

Onto Climate Tech: Kumulus Water and their revolutionary machine that creates water from air

The ecological crisis is nothing new, and its urgentness grows more and more each day. From the excess of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to running out of raw materials, the problems are abundant, and the worst part is that the people who pay the price aren’t responsible for any of it. One could name the water sufficiency crisis in Africa, which encourages the transmission of several diseases like cholera, hepatitis A or dysentery.

Fortunately, Co-Founders of Kumulus Water Iheb Triki and Mohamed Ali Abid have developed a revolutionary machine, the Kumulus-1, that uses the humidity of air to create water. One machine by itself can produce around 30 liters of healthy drinking water a day, namely 15 bottles of water. It is very practical, and doesn’t take up that much space, plus, the water is particularly healthy and tasty, as the machine adds mineral salts while processing it.

This device appears to be the key in solving water sufficiency problems around the world, and its potential has been acknowledged by French President Emmanuel Macron, who granted the startup a visit when he was at Vivatech.

Regarding Social Progress: Unitree’s fire fighting robot

Unitree is a Chinese startup specialized in intelligent quadruped robots. They have developed a wide range of products with various functions, notably one of those who would act as an Intelligent Fire-Fighting System. The goal is to assist fire-fighters by making their job easier, and reducing the risks they take.

They can be very useful in this industry, as they respond quickly in case of crisis, they have long-range reconnaissance capacities, plus, they are fearless in all kinds of dangerous environments.

Their laser radar and infrared camera make rescue work and search way easier, while their 360 camera allows them to fully grasp the on-site information.

The product is already functioning and it seems very promising regarding the incredible work it could get done, and the lives it could save once put on the market.

After all of this, it goes without saying that technology is on the rise more than ever. In fact, it shows that the robotics and hardware innovations are overrunning all other fields, from Fashion to Sports, and have become the number one key to solve the Ecological Crisis and improve our societies. One could almost say robotics are the only thing we know, when facing a problem, which becomes increasingly true with the emerging and growth of AI with softwares such as Chat Gpt. But to what end? Will it ever stop, or will we, in a dozen years, rely exclusively on robots for all of our daily and simple tasks?

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