Questel acquiert Expernova et renforce son offre pour les pôles R&D

Paris, le 24-07 2018 Mis à jour le 03-08 2018

Questel, one of the world’s largest online intellectual property service providers, announces the acquisition of Expernova, a gem specializing in scientific big data.

Expernova was founded in 2008 by Pascal Magnier and Clement Penin after they struggled to find the most relevant partner for a technology project. Since then, Magnier and Penin have been developing their Expernova platform to transform a complex scientific and technological environment into an easy, attractive, and collaborative map. Thanks to cutting edge big data technology and a specialization on emerging open innovation processes, Expernova is today disrupting innovation talent management.
Helping R&D teams accelerate and secure their invention cycles According to Pascal Magnier, Expernova CEO, “This alliance will create unparalleled R&D capacities in scientific and technological information, analyzing over 10M expert profiles, 100M scientific documents, and the world’s most comprehensive patent database”.
By combining the best patent analysis tool on the market with the best of competency mapping, Questel intends to deliver a unique platform offering R&D teams the resources and knowledge they need to identify future technologies and monitor their ever changing environment.
“This software combination will facilitate and speed-up collaboration between IP experts and R&D teams” adds Charles Besson, Questel CEO.

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