RAISE Impact, a pioneering small and mid-cap impact investor, has exceeded €240m of assets under management, rolled out its support system for engaged companies and finalised its Impact Measurement and Management methodology

Paris, le 23-11 2021 Mis à jour le 09-12 2021

Paris, November 16, 2021 – RAISE Impact, the RAISE group’s impact investing entity, has today made another fund closing announcement that increases its investment capacity to over €240m. Two years since being launched, RAISE Impact is also making the second part of its Impact Measurement and Management methodology available to all.


RAISE Impact, an engaged fund that continues to grow

The France 2i fund managed by RAISE Impact and launched in June 2019 with the support of the Fondation de France continues to grow. The September 2020 closing a year ago increased its investment capacity to €135m and RAISE Impact today made another fund closing announcement which raises it further to over €240m. The fund is thus opening up to new top-tier European institutional investors.

One of the fund’s fundamental purposes is to strive to transform our economy. RAISE Impact’s teams therefore back companies that are able to come up with systemic and economically robust solutions to urgent and important issues, particularly in response to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. They do so by supporting mission-driven or transforming companies that seek to meet today’s environmental and social challenges, in particular by translating their managers’ intentionality into commitments that are both tangible and measurable over time.

Transformed by their aspiration to become leading impact investors in France and Europe, the teams have continued to rally their efforts. RAISE Impact has so far in 2021 folded another 6 companies into its support network, bringing the fund’s total number of direct investments to 13.


These companies were selected based on their capacity to achieve systemic change within their industry and society and on their management’s ability to run a sustainable and profitable business: Tucoenergie and Ilmatar in the ecological transition arena and Ouicare, Talis, Woonoz and Lagarrigue in the social inclusion arena.

The team is jointly managed by Aglaé Touchard Le Drian and Serge Bedrossian and currently made up of 8 dedicated staff members, with business manager Margaux Bodin and analyst Juliette Pivin having joined in September.


The IMM methodology, an impact measurement and management tool, is now available to one and all

RAISE Impact builds on its role of investor by being an active participant in the support it gives its investments; this involves providing them with the tools they need to guide their strategies and thus steering them onto a path that will help them continually improve their impact on the world.

RAISE Impact has therefore developed its own Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) methodology that can be applied to companies from any sector and of any size. Back in September 2020, RAISE Impact made the first part of this methodology available to all. This first part focuses on measuring impact and makes it possible to evaluate any company using a scale based on its contribution to environmental and social issues.

The second part of RAISE Impact’s IMM methodology is now available and is focused on managing impact; it suggests ways to take concrete action and identify any potential environmental or social risks that your company might face. The IMM methodology establishes tangible targets that will help any company reset its ESG trajectory, and it therefore helps them express their commitment and create a positive dynamic within their ecosystem. The methodology will be instrumental in transforming the non-financial impact thus created into a sustainable source of value-added.

Our economy can only be overhauled if all its agents embrace change as well, so RAISE Impact strives to achieve equitable growth by encouraging sustainable transformation within the companies it supports.

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