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  • Racky Camara
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  • Henri Bacquet
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  • Paul Foucault
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  • Savine Houix

    Prior to joining RaiseLab, Savine worked at the Wine Tech startup TWIL as the CEO’s right-hand woman where she notably developed the BtoB offering. She also benefits from
    experience in public relations at the Réunion des musées nationaux and the Grand Palais.
    Previously, Savine conducted an internal study on working conditions and organizational culture for a Microfinance NGO in Peru.

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  • Camille Cournut

    With an engineering background, Camille is specialized in business strategy and innovation. Before joining Raiselab, she worked on various project management missions.
    Camille took part in the deployment of innovation projects, notably in the framework of the PIC 100% Inclusion, sponsored by the DGEFP. As a financial manager, she led the management and design of a highly ambitious social project for job seekers in Seine-Saint-Denis and Paris.
    She then worked with startups/SMEs in the context of territorial revitalization agreements, contributing her knowledge of financial, sectoral and organizational analysis.
    She is currently working as a project manager on collaborative missions between large corporations and startups and supports RaiseLab’s clients in the operational implementation of their open innovation projects.

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  • Johary Andriambololo
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  • Joséphine SIMERAY

    Josephine has worked for the last 15 years in entrepreneurship and innovation, as an entrepreneur and project manager.

    Previously, Josephine co-founded Cityzen Mobility, a transport platform dedicated to senior citizens. She has also worked in strategic consultancy companies to help corporates in their transformation and new business ventures.

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    Prior to joining Raiselab, Ithier had a first experience with the Hakkasan Group in London, where he was in operations management.

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  • Anna CHAPRON

    Before joining RaiseLab, Anna had a first experience within the Accor group in the Sales France team where she worked on the deployment of Connected Tour Operators.

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  • Chloé VALLOIS

    Before joining RaiseLab, Chloé worked at the Paris Opera and more precisely at the Arop (Association pour le Rayonnement de l’Opéra de Paris) for 5 years.
    She was first in charge of public relations events and then of partnerships with companies and sponsorship.

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